Sader Research Group


Left-to-right:   Eric Shen, Debadi Chakraborty, Ying Wan Yap, Michael Lachut, John Sader (Group Leader), Daniel Ladiges, Jesse Collis, Naida Lacevic, Noè Caruso, Andrew Boyd, Catherine Browne

Welcome to the Sader Research Group. We are based in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, and explore a wide array of problems ranging from spacecraft entry into the atmosphere of a planet through to the mechanics of ultrasmall devices in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

We collaborate strongly with experimentalists, who help us test theories that we develop in the "real world", and identify research questions that matter in practice. This includes developing techniques that help experimentalists make their measurements, and exploring the mechanisms behind the observations they make. Group members frequently get to do their own measurements that help test their theories. We also investigate more fundamental theoretical questions in applied mechanics, and are involved in developing numerical techniques.

We are always looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals to join our team. A sample of our research can be found at the links above.

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