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The University of Melbourne  Atomic Force Microscope Cantilevers
(Calibration method of Sader)

The University of Melbourne
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 Calibration of AFM Cantilevers (Ref. 13):

    John E. Sader, Riccardo Borgani, Christopher T. Gibson, David B. Haviland, Michael J. Higgins, Jason I. Kilpatrick, Jianing Lu, Paul Mulvaney, Cameron J. Shearer, Ashley D. Slattery, Per-Anders Thoren, Jim Tran, Heyou Zhang, Hongrui Zhang and Tian Zheng
    "A virtual instrument to standardise the calibration of atomic force microscope cantilevers"
    Review of Scientific Instruments, 87 093711 (2016)
    PDF (1790 kB)
    Supplementary Material PDF (1549 kB)

Created: 27 May 2016 
Last modified: 19 July 2017
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